Hey cheeky.
Meet Charlie, your new affiliate program manager. This cheeky chatbot saves you time by managing your affiliates for you!
Affiliate stress?
Charlie's got it covered...
1. Link your website.
Tell Charlie how you want your affiliate program to work and install him on your site.
2. Charlie gets busy.
Charlie starts to enroll, manage and track your affiliates' performance for you.
3. The $ales roll in!
Check out Charlie's dashboard to see how many extra sales you're making.
Charlie's got skills
Always On
Charlie never gets tired or shows up hungover. He's always ready to onboard more affiliates and make sure they have everything they need to promote your brand.
Charlie isn't a fan of ugly, long affiliate links. His links are clean, short and personalised to your brand and affiliates' names.
Advanced Tracking
Charlie's an organised chap that never misses a beat. He tracks every move your affiliates make and lets you know what they're up to at all times via his dashboard.
Charlie knows his way around
Integrate him instantly with...
We love you Charlie xoxO
okay Charlie, Let's chat.
Charlie Doesn't Charge
For now, Charlie is 100% free!

So, what are you waiting for?